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Steep yourself in culture

The range of culture on offer in Mallorca can tend to go unnoticed, but it is considerable. In Palma there are important museums and exhibitions: the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, the Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the March Foundation, the Museum of Mallorca, the La Caixa Foundation, etc…

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Fly: in a hot air balloon over Mallorca

The view of the inland part of the island from a hot air balloon in the morning when the wind is calm is a unique, unforgettable experience..

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A day at sea

Being able to contemplate the coast of Mallorca from the sea is another very special experience.

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Go for a walk in the mountains

One of the virtues of our island is that very diverse landscapes are concentrated in a relatively small space. For keen hikers, there are two very attractive mountainous areas ideal for walking.

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Visit Palma de Mallorca

Going down to Palma, a custom of country people. What to see. What do country people do when we “go down to Palma”? Where to eat. It is always a good idea to take the chance to discover Palma, the tourist capital of the Mediterranean. 

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Going for a bike ride

Surroundings on two wheels If you like running or going on bike rides, around Son Alegre there is a whole network of local tracks flanked by the traditional stone walls that surround the plots of land. 

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Discover nearby Mallorca villages

Taking Son Alegre as a starting point, you can go to some really charming and authentic inland Mallorcan towns and villages.

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Go to the beach

Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean are on Mallorca. Specifically, very near where we are, is Alcúdia Bay, which has kilometres of beaches with fine sand and transparent water.

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