Son Alegre is a typical Mallorcan country house

Son Alegre is a typical Mallorcan country house. It was built by our family in 1888 as a small auxiliary house for doing farm work, especially during the summer. We have restored and extended it, maintaining the essence of the original construction. The kitchen, dining room and living room retain part of the old natural stone walls finished with local materials: Mallorcan mortar, lime and recycled old wood.
The architecture and interior decoration reflect the character, personality and history of the place and its people, while remaining functional. The house and garden have details and little corners making them very special and welcoming.

It faces south, with clear views to Ariany, in the peace of the valley near “Na Borges” torrent, bordering the woods of the Mont Blanc estate.

It is 2 km from the town of Santa Margalida and 10 km from the beaches of northern Mallorca.

On the same land, we grow fruit trees and have an organic market garden. We also have some farm animals. This allows visitors to take a little look at the rural life of inland Mallorca.